20 Logistics Animated Icons

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Overview 20 Logistics Animated Icons

Set of 20 logistics animated SVG icons. Created in Illustrator, animated in After Effects, using Bodymovin Lottie. The set features two icon options: a) outlines and background fill; b) outlines only. Static SVG files are provided for usage in Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, etc. Each icon animated option in delivered in the following file types:
– .GIF (on transparent)
– .MOV (on transparent)
– .MP4 (white background)
Size of the above: 300 x 300 pixels. Duration: 1 second (30 fps)

Included files for Lottie:
– .html
– .css
– .js
– .json

You can change the colors of both fill and outline in each icon by editing the .css file, as well as the outline weight. Also editable are the size, position, etc. A video tutorial is included to help you out.

Highlights 20 Logistics Animated Icons

  • Animated vector drawable
  • Json files for Lottie integration
  • .mp4 .mov .gif files included
  • Json color & stroke weight changing tutorial
  • .html .json .css .js files included
  • Smooth motion

Download 20 Logistics Animated Icons

After payment, you will get the newest original file from Fullui. We support payments via Paypal & Visa. Checkout button at the top of this post, thank you for your support.

FullUI Download Advantages

– Only with a small amount of money, you can get the original product
– The download files are completely original files.
Fullui spend money to buy and download files from original authors
– You’ll receive untouched and unmodified files
– 100% clean files & Free From Virus

Why is it so cheap? – We operate on a joint purchase, which means that each person will pay a small fee to own the files instead of having to spend a large amount of money. Immediately after paying through paypal, please check email to receive the product, in case of not receiving email, please chat with us immediately. We are ready to support.

When there is a new update, leave a comment for us to update the product for you.

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